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Crazy Idea! Let’s Invest in People!

My letter to,

John Graulty Dean of VAPAsign
Cabrillo College Fall 2011

Thank you for the attention given to us in the DM134 video class. We would need hours of your time to properly address the issues and the problems of community colleges in these interesting financial times. I believe it is important for all Americans to remember that free education built a great nation. Free education created our world as we see it now, free education created a nation where people create technology and art that rapidly changes human neurology and evolution. Just as quickly, America could de-evolutize it’s self by refusing to invest in education to those who need and desire it most, from the smallest children to our eldest citizens. Education, like many social issues of this time, should not be offered only to the highest bidder, or only to those that feel they are most worthy. Our community college students work hard and many go on to more educational programs, or take their knowledge back into the small business world. All attendees benefit from their time spent at Cabrillo. But more than anything, Santa Cruz benefits from Cabrillo. As goes Santa Cruz, so goes the world.   Thank you, Brooke Bradford Full time Digital Media Student Cabrillo College Small business owner Mother of two community College students Concerned Citizen of the United States of America

Please Sir, I want some more!

I read an article in The American Thinker      (Thanks to Julia Sauer for reposting this article)

by Matthew Vadum

“Registering them to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals.”

niiiiiice Mr. Vadum! Let me see now, You are saying if you offer people a better life with more opportunities they will vote for you? Whoa! Who woulda thunk it?

Mr. Vadum: not registering the poor to vote is Victorian or even Jim Crowsian.

Dang Socialists!

I was selling wine in the Gilroy Costco a year or so ago and talked to a man who told me he had MS. I asked him when he was diagnosed, He said in the 80’s. I thought it was great he was doing pretty well 30 years after diagnosis, but when the conversation went to health care. He became agitated and went off on Obama’s “Socialism” He was talking so rapidly and moving away but staying with in ear shot so I wouldn’t be able to get a word in edgewise,  Which for me was “thanks, have a nice day”.  Where could I start with that one?  It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t benefited from public programs.

Oh! The Irony

There is a direct Correlation between the number of Chinese and Indians in the Costco and  America’s willingness to spend money on Education.  If you dont like “those” people using up American resources and taking American jobs the solution seems pretty simple. Of course, this is what an “American” looks like now, so you are far too late.

Pressing 1 for English

Nafta could have fixed a lot of stuff. Immigration and marijuana and health care reform would change everything.  We are throwing tons of money at dead projects.

400 courses eliminated at Cabrillo

The Chinese program: eliminated, The wine program: eliminated. Athletic and recreational programs: eliminated. Programs for the stroke center: threatened. Science programs: massively reduced. Winter semester, eliminated, summer school, reduced to bare bones.  Waiting lists for vocational programs and lay offs at the school.  Change in benefits for employees, increased expenses for students. I’m taking final cut and flash this semester, while they are still available.  I did get to take protools and garage band before they disappeared. My web design class is why I have this blog at all.   Enrollment has dropped by more than 900 students, what are those 900 people doing now? 

“Them” is Us

If you have never been on the Cabrillo College Main Campus, take a walk around. It’s a Huge resource for our community. Cutting programs is cutting off our nose to spite our face. Advocate for Education, the elderly and for children. We can create employment, business and economic health with education.  Please vote. Please speak up. Thank you   ~Brooke