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Volunteers needed for Santa Cruz Pony Baseball

Are you or anyone interested in helping out for the Palomino Regionals coming up from July 19-24 at Harvey West Park:  We will need help with the gate, snack stand, field prep.and if people have the skills scorekeeping and announcing.  We can do a Community Service hours for any of the players that help out.

 Steve Peters

Santa Cruz Pony Baseball


Learn something new! Volunteer Falconry Technicians needed

This would be a great opportunity for someone who is interested in either the ancient art / sport of falconry and or the magnificent birds of prey or raptors.This position will consist of regular cleaning, clearing and maintenance of several separate, secured raptor housings for falcons, hawks and owls as well as pigeon, quail and pheasant enclosures. Eventually actual handling and assistance in conditioning, exercise and training will be a privilege of the committed technician.This location is in the Southern Santa Cruz Mountains near Aromas,  Ideally someone who lives near this area, or has good transportation Can be any age, sex, status, etc roninair.com/