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We finally get to have a summer

Or not

It’s foggy this morning, I’m probably going to pick the rest of the tomatoes this week. I’ve learned that tomatoes love the climate at my place on 38th ave but the fruit often rots before it ripens. I have a 5 foot by 5 foot cherry tomato bush that has yet to set fruit. I’ve got pie pumpkins but no “summer” squash. I did get a couple of acorn squash by accident from the compost pile. I’m not complaining, the rest of the nation has been alternately baking and freezing this past year. We are steady at 68 degrees.  There is weather info with radar and a tide chart on the main sanity cruz page.

vegetables from the garden

tomatoes and squash

It’s Wednesday, this means audio production this morning, I will meet Aimee Shunney and Jenny Brewer this afternoon to record the Green Tea and Honey Radio Show and then produce the Talkin ish Podcast this evening. It’s farmers market day down town. Last week I got blue berries, eggplant, parsnips and figs.

Lots of stuff to do around Sanity Cruz

If you haven’t already seen the Sanity Cruz events calendar take a look and let me know what you think. Also don’t forget to send me your additions and events. I can give you a log in to the calendar if you’d like to add events yourself, and you can post to this blog if that’s your bag.

So link up already!

I have always wanted to do “link shares” this means the more websites I am connected to the better, and the better for other websites to be connected to Sanity Cruz. I’ve gone into more detail here:


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logo for link share

Add this logo to your website with a link to sanitycruz.com
I’ll add a logo and/or a short link to your website on the sanitycruz info page.  Voila! free advertising for our websites, increased Santa Cruz Community, Your stuff added to the events calendar (more free advertising), increased SEO. Whats not to love? All the Sanity Cruz websites and pages, including the pod casts, got 13,000 visits last month, 80,000 hits. What’s that mean?  It means things are moving along quite nicely. This is so important that the dishonest websites will pay to get back links and “likes”.  I wanna get honest links and honest face book friends.

Back away from the Computer!

Speaking of the events calendar. I worked on it for a couple of days and then got a call from Rick who said, “I see you have something called a hike to buzzards roost at big basin on the calendar.”   He had the audacity to suggest I actually use my own calendar to get out of the house! I couldn’t really argue so I went. I didn’t make it to the top, he did.

Opal Creek at Big basin

Opal creek

Then he wanted to see his friends in the Band Cabin Fever at the Trout Farm and when we got there I had a message m Suzy Cardell saying there was a small after burning man get together at Rupert Hart’s house. Rupert’s the guy who has those great theme parties. Last year he had a Wizard of Oz party in Scotts Valley, I’ll get he information on his next party on the calendar, they are a reasonable cost, open to the public, Rupert doesn’t make any money on these events, he just likes to have a party and every one is invited. He said the next party may be soon!


One last thing.



I went to the Garden Variety Cheese open house at the Monkey Flower Ranch in Prunedale last week with Nancy from New leaf Community Markets and my boyfriend Steve.

Here’s a picture of the cheese cave. Yep, a cheese cave. Wipe the drool off! Check them out at the Santa Cruz down town farmers market.

Thanks! ~Brooke

commercialism, morality..uh..what were we talking about?

Im a little behind in posting to the blog, it’s time consuming, I’ve enlisted help from Melody writes, thanks Melody and Rick from duncansong.com to keep things alive. It makes a big difference. I’m working on a big web design project, and I just set up feeds for Kesha Bruce, (keshabruce.com) I’m doing the regular production for the green tea and honey radio show and the talkin’ ish podcast and enjoying life here in Sanity Cruz. The talkin’ ish had a record setting 3000+ downloads for the pod last week. Seems Mr. Heller is a friend of JP Rosenbaum of the Bachelorette TV show. They’ve worked hard with links and twitter to promote the podcast and it works. This makes me think…hmmmm..how many people would “enjoy” seeing a video of Shemp the rabbit brutally uh…”taking advantage” of our cat? is my humanity so degraded by my desire to create website hits that I would effectively pimp my cats butt out to get traffic? It will only take a moment of human weakness and this will happen. I see him looking at the cat and I know what he’s thinking.

As some of you know I occasionally sell wine in Costco for Cameron Hughes. Chwine.com It’s a buck or two for me to patch the financial holes. A couple weeks ago we had a thing called the contractor summit in SF. They treated us to breakfast at The hotel Larkspur at Union square, took us to see the new direct to consumer ware house in Oakland and gave us a great tasting at the Hyatt in the Urban Tavern. They also gave us some really cool selling tools.

Here is a pic at the warehouse.

At the ch wine consumer warehouse

rob edlemon leads his charges. Wine awaiting your orders


that’s your wine shipments getting ready to roll! I snagged a bottle of the Ribera Del Duero Tempranillo (lot 263) if you like a tempranillo with great fruit, awesome body and solid tannins……do it. Its’ $24 online at chwine.com.

Other than working and thinking about the fall (im taking final cut pro), and some other stuff at Cabrillo, a trip to Carson City next week to show off Cody and his new brain and visit the Father figure, I’m pretty boring! We welcome your input, if you want to post here let me know. We are gonna need a update on burning man! You are welcome and highly encouraged to do so. or I might let the rabbit out of his cage. ~Brooke