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Who ate Norman?

Balinese stone carvings

I need these for my garden

“It came around the corner while I was in the kitchen, saw it out of the corner of my eye first, so I knew I wasn’t imagining things”  She was had said this several times already.

“What did it look like?” I think my partner was trying good cop on her, see if she changed her story.  She hadnt yet.

“It was real tall, moved like it was floating, or in slow motion, or so it seemed to me, I felt hypnotized, I still do, I know I wasn’t imagining things”

“Did you do something to you husband?, did you hurt him” that was me, Bad cop.

“no, I dont even know where he is. Maybe it took him, maybe he ran off. I dont know, All I know is that I ran.”

Either she didnt know or was lying. Her husband was dead, quite dead, consumed might be a good world. Eaten.

“Back to the thing you saw, what was your first thought, when it came around the corner into the kitchen?”

“That is was an angel or an alien or something and I was shocked I was seeing such a thing in my kitchen, it was broad daylight, it was so tall!, I wanted to scream!” She was actually screaming now. “I started to go crazy! I pissed my pants a little I was so scared, I didnt hear the dogs barking! why weren’t they barking? I know I wasnt imaging things, I ran out the front door, right by it!” she was hysterical now, ranting, foaming and spitting a little.   The dogs were in their pen, they were napping when we got there. Her husband was in the kitchen, mostly.

“Marjorie, your husband is dead, what was left of him they had to use a shovel to get off of the kitchen floor, are you saying you dont know anything about that?”    VERY bad cop.

We had her taken to a cell, they stripped her, left her there in observation, county was coming to take her in so they could handle her in the psycho ward. She wouldnt stop screaming.

Later, at the hearing. They said there were human teeth marks. Lots of human teeth marks. Strange thing is, Marjorie is a vegan. Still is.