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Let me ‘splain myself

potluck table

all the stuff I dont eat at home!


The events calendar  

 I’ve always had an interest in promoting events. Some crazy mechanism deep inside me thinks it’s important for people to know whats going on. Like most of my compulsions is it has a good purpose. People who have gone to the trouble of putting together an event should be able to tell people about it. Unfortunately, as great as the internet is it is not very good at localizing community. What is that music down town? What were the sirens last night about?

Media does what it can

Events calendars in most publications are a side job of somebody who is doing something else. In order to build the calendar I have to go to them all, and to the websites of organizations, and to Facebook. Add me to your email list for your events to make sure I know about it.

One stop shopping! 

Since I provide a link to events you don’t have to search for what you wanna see. Case in point: I was talking about fashion art with a teacher, I don’t know the link to the event, but I know there is one on the events page. If you find a broken link tell me.

Shameless self promotion

and once again, If you have a business and you want your event listed on the calendar please link back to my website. I got an icon for you.

Facebook and the Santa Cruz Party, Party

It made sense for me to create a local page/group so that I could pinpoint my audience. This also should control indiscriminate “befriending”. maybe.  

Brooke with a stand up card

Hey lady, who's your buddy?


Speaking of Friending and Facebook

Like Sanitycruz.com, Facebook wants to create a more useable website. If I’m doing this right SanityCruz.com, the blog and maybe the calendar shouldn’t look anything like it does today six months from now. It works better than it did a month ago. What’s the point of having a website if it sucks? If you find things on these websites that dont work I wanna know, Your brain might think up something I never thought of.

Security risks?

Let me say as someone who had their SS number ripped off, that you shouldn’t put anything on FB you don’t want people to know. I don’t do aps. I don’t give out my FB or my email password to sign up for things. I had something ask me for my credit card online password once! It was legit, but it didn’t happen. I wanted to write em back and ask “are you people high?”. There are several websites that I do business with that have sensitive information, my SS number, the EIN number for brookebradford creative, personal and business checking account numbers, Credit card numbers, my drivers license number. Insurance companies have access to health info on me that is pretty personal, the FBI has an opinion on me and my finger prints, I’ve been licensed to sell insurance and I have worked in casinos and Safeway knows I have a cat and like yogurt.

Speaking of control of information

Let’s not forget our friends at the credit agencies and how easy it is to get this info on you and how it may be interpreted as to your character. What somebody wants to say about you there isn’t easily rebutted or changed. When my identity was stolen I was lucky, they only signed up for telephone service. Pac Bell never believed I didn’t have a phone in San Ramon. Also, Ocwin went out of business and didnt bother to mention I no longer had a mortgage with them. 

My SS number was stolen (I am pretty sure) when I was a extra for a movie in Santa Clara.

If somebody wants to steal your info, I don’t think FB is the place to start. I dont think some fraud mill in Serbia is pouring over my face book posts looking for a vulnerability.

a starbucks

mean while, in Belgrade