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A bad website versus no website at all

This morning I opened up an email with the subject line Audition

The email says:

Hey there, We are holding open auditions Feb13th. we want you to do any performance piece you would like. We want the actors to put their stamp on the characters so we really want to see you personality. I would love to have you come that day. The auditions will be held Sat Feb 13…..in San Francisco……Thanks for your time and I hope to see you Josephskeevy

Typos aside, When I did a quick search for the project on the actors list I suspect it came from, I couldn’t find a website or any information for the production company. It’s probably not a scam, but it looks flakey, I really don’t want to drive to San Francisco to be annoyed by some non professional BS. I think a website, even if it was bad, would increase the chances of me taking them seriously.

So what about a “good” website versus a “bad” website versus none at all.

A case study:

Joe and Margie (not their real names) are Therapists.  Margie asked me to update her business website, make it pretty and play well with cell phones and tablets. We worked on a cool new wordpress website for her so that people can contact her easily and get quick information on what she offers.

Margie also has a free blog at wordpress.com  The truth is, her blog is probably the best option for getting website traffic and we want Margie to benefit from her hard work   So, I made the free blog link to her website. It should get people to look at her other webpages. She should be spreading the word about her blog on social media. .

boringMargie tells me that her husband, Joe has his own website, which needs serious work. She and Joe want to send out a newsletter. He is resistant to fixing his website, mostly, because they live in a small community, and their “audience” is small. However, a website and a newsletter should be enriching your appeal to your customers, present and potential. If you are going to do the work, which is time consuming you should make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

It’s hard to say what Joe’s website makes people think about Joe. Is Joe confusing and not up to date? maybe. I would guess people spend little time at his website. You need to get them to care.


So what does a website do?

A website is your public resume for your business. You do want people to get a good impression don’t you? An artist once scoffed at me and said, “I don’t need a website, nobody buys art from a website.” That’s completely true, my personal website is a portfolio only.

and then Social media….:

The more social media you do the more you can grow and maintain your business. Do Facebook if nothing else and post something to it when you can. I recommend LinkedIn if you are actively looking for work/clients. If you blog make sure you forward that to facebook and linkedin.

google_logoWhat about SEO?

Search engine optimization without interacting with social media won’t really help you get people to visit your website. Linking a blog, podcast, video or from email is what will make your website worthwhile. I am sure the only people who goes to Joes website are those who want to verify him. Joes website does not ask people to do anything. It merely gives some information that is hard to find. In fact, it doesn’t show up in google as a clinic in that small town.  AND, when I checked google I did not get his wifes website either, OOOPSS.  I had just built her website, I was falling down on the job. I jumped in and worked on that right away. I’ll have to check it frequently to see if their google improves.

I do take Google seriously, because people will look for peoples names and business names. Google is showing very well for Margies name. I discovered her business address is wrong in google and shows “closed” I will ask her to fix this, easy easy. or do it for her if she needs my help.

What about a newsletter? Email?

I think it’s a great idea, but time consuming. Margie is working on building a list for her newsletter. She should consider finding at least a few hundred solid people to send it out to initially. And work hard on growing it with QUALIFIED names. After all, we are not selling therapy to the world. She should grow her list as big as she can with the right people. Also, that email should push people to her blog and to the websites, get em hooked.

I think you can see why a good website and some sort of on-going material is useful for any business no matter how small. If you have questions let me know. I help clients build the right web presence in their budget with websites, social media, podcasts and video.

 Brooke Bradford is a broadcasting veteran who lives in Santa Cruz California. She is a multimedia consultant and an audio and video producer. She has produced hundreds of podcasts, radio shows, video programs and creates motion media and art for the web.  

The Struggle will over whelm you

I have decided to open an on-line store, They said  it was easy and quick. I’ve started the website, I’ve built the social media and created an eBay store for the business. I’ve spent hours looking for the right products and developing an image. Three weeks later, I’m still building it. The truth is, Zappos didn’t do it the DIY way. To build a business takes tons of time and energy. I’ve decided to take my time and think bigger. If my head doesn’t pop off first.

omg_itz_mah_dreem_job-workplace-emporiumLooking for work super blows

I have a friend over sixty has decided to look for a new job. It was a shock to her to find out that you can’t contact the hiring person, that looking for work means wading thru piles of BS set up to narrow the field. Companies waste your time on purpose, it’s very annoying. Based on what I am seeing, she will not willing to invest the amount of work it will take to get a new job. Maybe she will stumble into an awesome gig. Who can say?

My mentor told me to do this

Your mentor is successful at selling themselves at being a mentor. and are probably teaching you to be one too. For me, the responses that come from “mentors” indict a misunderstanding of technology. ALWAYS. You mentor is 100% better at selling themselves than I am However, I’m better at technology. When a client starts to argue with me and going some with some else s advice, the hand writing is on the wall.

I recently listened to a web seminar where a woman wanted to know how to present her business better after being told her product wouldn’t work by a potential client. The host told her the same thing, it’s a bad business idea; she began to argue with him too. Instead of taking the advice of multiple people she instead wanted to throw more money at it. It made me kind of sick to hear her say she only had another month to start making money. She obviously had the energy to invest, but was sending it the wrong way. By the way, he handled it exactly the way I would have. Made his point and moved on.

Stay alert, things are changing daily

The freelance world it is common to continuously to searching for new clients. Because your clients quit. I recently talked to a friend who worked in a big agency who told me that the same thing happens in the graphic arts world. Client’s ignore the advice of professionals and eventually fail, or don’t grow. Without growing the struggle will eventually over run you.

Age, race, gender has nothing to do with it…..well mostly…..maybe sorta

No matter what the situation you needs the ability to keep up. I’m learning new stuff every day, how to use software, how to make things look designed and modern. What is new and critical, what is old and un necessary and will “out” me as not being “with it”. and then,  I’m harshly reminded about out what I am not. Often times, I don’t fit the project anyway.money It’s YOUR story, no one else’s.

Selling myself? how gauche!

Recently I lost a client to another company. This is unusual and shook me up because most of the time cost is the issue that ends the contract. After time spent with myself, I knew I had been out sold. They told my client they were better and were convincing. oops. I probably should have “sold” the client more often. Telling people you are better goes against a lifetime of being told to NOT be aggressive, which of course leads to people taking credit for your ideas. The struggle is to throw ourselves out there every dog-gone day and grow up, brag a little, be an adult.  Good luck!  I’m around to talk.

Brooke Bradford is a veteran radio producer who lives in Santa Cruz California. She is a freelance voice over announcer, a broadcast consultant and audio and video producer. She has produced hundreds of podcasts and edits audio for Audvisor.com