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Who ya callin’ ho?

It’s that time of year! 

Kids recoiling from santa


Thanksgiving is awesome, its a great winter feast that has never really gone wrong for me. I try to repeat it for Christmas and New Years to keep the fellowship going.  I even like to mess around with a low key “hey it’s Hanukkah” thing and fry up some lattkaes and think about the meaning of that. The evidence is pretty clear that Jesus was born in the summer. Roman conquest moved it to solstice to appease the pagans.

Can we remove the baby from the picture?

"jesus" dressed in pink dress and diaper

I have nothing to say about this

I hate Christmas. I find little that is valuable or meaningful to me, religiously, spiritually, whatever. I like  the concept that somebody was born to make it so that we would have to feel guilty about being human and that some guys followed a star to find him.There is more stuff that is integral to the religion related to the birth of Christ if you are into it. If you are a Catholic you dig on the Virgin Mary. Our secular observance is so far away from Jesus that we are given time off for it. That’s not true with Easter, which has much more significance to those of us who dig Jesus.

Gather around the Pagan ornament

Christmas trees are bizarre. Adapted from some Germanic earth goddess tree worship. Let me get this straight. You kill a tree (you bought it rite aid) keep it in your house covered with items until it becomes highly combustible, then it might go to the land fill. If you like having a christmas tree how about getting some thing that you dont kill?

Human sacrifice! Cool!

According to some stories, Mistletoe was hung over the winter alter in ancient Europe, everybody got to kiss the victim goodbye. There are tons of explanations for this custom but rest assured Jesus has nothing to do with it.

Anti Santa

Santa Claus is cheesy and outdated, and Im wondering how modern children can relate to him.  Sooner or later the kids figure out that you are telling an un truth. Trying to fool somebody into compliance is kinda rude and

kids screaming on santas lap

the kiddies love it!

well, disrespectful.

Keeping Our Economy Alive 

I’d like an xbox, a flat screen TV, New monitors for my computer, software, a HD pro video cam. Do the math on that. If I had the dough I’d be at frys right now. Christmas has such a huge effect on our economy that business’s expect to ride on holiday business thru the first quarter, some further.or even for the whole year.  Continuing to sustain this glut is like keeping a desperate junky alive.

Corporate back mail?

Kids will remember their whole lives a Christmas without Christmas. that’s not so much because they had no presents, it’s because Mom and Dad feel so bad about not delivering the goods. Why have the prospect of epic failure hanging over peoples heads?  Buy sally a dolly, junior a toy truck, have a Christmas feast with some loved ones and get over it.

But what does the dog want for Christmas?

people and dog mannikans for chritsmas

Can you at least donate to charity as much as you’d spend on the pets? Not a pet charity, a people charity. Try Heifer.org. it’s about animals, and dinner.

But I got nothing to give!

Im pretty broke and I’ve been wanting to help seniors use the internet. You can knit, clean up, serve food, make tamales whatever. .


Think positively 

Go to some parties this holiday season. I hear people acting like its a chore. It is what you make of it.   ~Brooke




logo for link share

We finally get to have a summer

Or not

It’s foggy this morning, I’m probably going to pick the rest of the tomatoes this week. I’ve learned that tomatoes love the climate at my place on 38th ave but the fruit often rots before it ripens. I have a 5 foot by 5 foot cherry tomato bush that has yet to set fruit. I’ve got pie pumpkins but no “summer” squash. I did get a couple of acorn squash by accident from the compost pile. I’m not complaining, the rest of the nation has been alternately baking and freezing this past year. We are steady at 68 degrees.  There is weather info with radar and a tide chart on the main sanity cruz page.

vegetables from the garden

tomatoes and squash

It’s Wednesday, this means audio production this morning, I will meet Aimee Shunney and Jenny Brewer this afternoon to record the Green Tea and Honey Radio Show and then produce the Talkin ish Podcast this evening. It’s farmers market day down town. Last week I got blue berries, eggplant, parsnips and figs.

Lots of stuff to do around Sanity Cruz

If you haven’t already seen the Sanity Cruz events calendar take a look and let me know what you think. Also don’t forget to send me your additions and events. I can give you a log in to the calendar if you’d like to add events yourself, and you can post to this blog if that’s your bag.

So link up already!

I have always wanted to do “link shares” this means the more websites I am connected to the better, and the better for other websites to be connected to Sanity Cruz. I’ve gone into more detail here:


logo for link share

logo for link share

Add this logo to your website with a link to sanitycruz.com
I’ll add a logo and/or a short link to your website on the sanitycruz info page.  Voila! free advertising for our websites, increased Santa Cruz Community, Your stuff added to the events calendar (more free advertising), increased SEO. Whats not to love? All the Sanity Cruz websites and pages, including the pod casts, got 13,000 visits last month, 80,000 hits. What’s that mean?  It means things are moving along quite nicely. This is so important that the dishonest websites will pay to get back links and “likes”.  I wanna get honest links and honest face book friends.

Back away from the Computer!

Speaking of the events calendar. I worked on it for a couple of days and then got a call from Rick who said, “I see you have something called a hike to buzzards roost at big basin on the calendar.”   He had the audacity to suggest I actually use my own calendar to get out of the house! I couldn’t really argue so I went. I didn’t make it to the top, he did.

Opal Creek at Big basin

Opal creek

Then he wanted to see his friends in the Band Cabin Fever at the Trout Farm and when we got there I had a message m Suzy Cardell saying there was a small after burning man get together at Rupert Hart’s house. Rupert’s the guy who has those great theme parties. Last year he had a Wizard of Oz party in Scotts Valley, I’ll get he information on his next party on the calendar, they are a reasonable cost, open to the public, Rupert doesn’t make any money on these events, he just likes to have a party and every one is invited. He said the next party may be soon!


One last thing.



I went to the Garden Variety Cheese open house at the Monkey Flower Ranch in Prunedale last week with Nancy from New leaf Community Markets and my boyfriend Steve.

Here’s a picture of the cheese cave. Yep, a cheese cave. Wipe the drool off! Check them out at the Santa Cruz down town farmers market.

Thanks! ~Brooke