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Stockholm Syndrome, Itunes, Mac vs PC



Which internet do you use?

Remember when AOL first came on the scene? It introduced the world to the internet, they cornered the market, showed us how to get on the web and then directed us to the websites they wanted us to see. After awhile, we said…..hey…. wait a second! Except for one person I know who kept paying for AOL until last year because, “I need to keep my email address, and AOL is how I get onto the internet.” this was despite having DSL. Dude!  I make this analogy so I can go on to my next point, (rant)

You gotta have a MAC or it’s not “professional”

I’ve been doing audio production digitally now for at least 15 years.  Before that, we used a razor blade to manually cut tape. I and most of the broadcast world, use adobe audition (PC) because it allows you to rip apart the sound file. Pro tools and garage band (Mac) do not let you do this, in some audio files I take out ..maybe…50-75 pieces that are 1/100 of a second or smaller. You can now get Audition for the Mac. When I’m bidding for audio jobs, I say I know how to use protools, ’cause I do.

For real people, USB mics and mixers are a God send, and you can record a good voice file with open source Audacity.

Make me a show in Itunes!

I am creating feeds for people and most people say they want their podcast on Itunes. You do, absolutely! However, it’s not the only or best way to deliver audio and video to the world. Consider this, If you buy a Mac, Itunes is built in as your music player, if you have a PC, Itunes is software you have to install, and it can be a hassle to use. Itunes: good for Iphone, bad for PC. Itunes does not host anything,  Itunes only relays the information from your website.

According to wiki answers: out of 100% only there are 7 % users of mac. 85 % of the market is captured by windows xp.

Therefore, a certain amount of people wont go to Itunes to get your show. and if that’s the only way you promote it…………? soon people will figure out you can subscribe to blogs, feeds and audio in many different ways. For now, it’s important to make your content available instantly,  After all! youtube does! and does very well.

cat inside a computer, looks like its working

Not now! Im busy!

Microsoft as The Evil Empire

I’ve hear the arguments. Considering the way Apple controls your behavior, I find Microsoft to be a touch less evil. Mac says you cant get a virus. Since nothing is fool proof I suspect apple fixes the problems without you knowing. (sneaky?)  Do I know what Im talking about? NOPE. Ask an apple engineer.  I might say the iphone system is pretty functional, But I dont have one to be enslaved by one. Also, I’m old, and somewhat impervious to the drive for new tech. Somewhat, I did get a windows phone. and..umm….itunes and an Iphone handle audio better. They are meant to work together. Thanks!   ~ Brooke

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