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The Revolution is not being televised

Nonviolence is an intensely active force when properly understood and used. – Mohandas Gandhi 

We are in the midst of a fantastic change in human behavior. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we hear about all the bad stuff on TV and the internet and it can be overwhelming. Here’s the good part. You are paying attention.

Im thinking up new ways to participate in a revolution.

Whats THAT mean?

It means its time to totally reorganize the way we think. Its happening anyway, and its awesome. Think of it this way. You can run to the street, push over a cop car and set it on fire. The result? They now have a reason to buy six more cop cars and enact laws to keep you in your house, cut off your internet, perpetuating the cop business. Rest assured the cop business is big business.

Challenge the popular notions

Some Law enforcement exists merely to write expensive tickets that supports the agency. eg; caught on camera before a legal right hand turn. Stopping isnt enough, you gotta do three seconds or flashy flashy. On the freeway you must stay one cruiser length (18 FT) for every ten miles in speed you are driving. On a day when an officer needs to write some tickets it only who is unlucky that gets to give the highway patrol $180. Forget it if you actually do something wrong.

So that people can eat

Social security is a beautiful thing. but shouldnt looked on as a God given right. I dont know that “I worked hard for it” is true for everyone. Also, I really dont care if you “earned” it or not. There are people who need it, badly.

The world is what and how you eat

Take a look at the area around a fast food restaurant and you’ll see litter. Some poor slob who needs a job is risking their life so you can get a Chalupa at 3am. Do we really need to mono farm russet potatoes that are the right dimensions for french fries? Corn in one form or another is in every thing at these places, even the feed for a hamburger cow. Just like cheap pet food. Purina Human chow. awesome

Can I talk to you about your dog?

A pet is not an acceptable excuse for homelessness. Your pets health care should not come before yours. Your charity dollars should go to people first. Yes, if you are a human, a late night image of an abused kitten might make you want to reach for your wallet. However, even if you are a vegetarian you should question be paying to “rescue” animals that otherwise are mass produced for food. How big can the ASPCA be to run those ads?  I am NOT a a parent to my cat. It is not politically correct to say “hey dude, its just a dog.” It’s well documented about the psychological damage done to pets by treating them as human. If skippy or tiger acts a little crazy its because he IS CRAZY. I think I treat my cat like he’s a cat and he’s still crazy, and he isnt getting a trip to the Vets for a tooth cleaning from me. I’ve told him that if he finds the environment abusive he can move to the neighbors house. I’ve heard her talking to him with his “kitten” name.

Gene sharps book

from dictator to democracy

Non violent action

I saw a documentary on Gene Sharpe last night.

His fundamental belief is that any power structure relies upon the subjects’ obedience to the orders of the ruler(s). If subjects do not obey, leaders have no power.” -wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Sharp

Some of it will get you jailed, We can do things that gets us out of our comfort zone.

However, Simple change is just makes good sense. Join a club. Buy organic. Go to “church”. skip Christmas, give to charity, use less gasoline, spend less money, cook more at home. Start a garden. recycle. Stop using plastic.compost, volunteer, participate in community events, exercise. more!


You can always blog and say things people dont want to hear. ~Brooke