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There’s a problem with Gay Marriage…….

……… people who think there is a problem with Gay marriage.  Hopefully we get beyond even calling it “Gay” marriage pretty soon.

It’s not natural!

Same sex relationships of all kinds are pretty common in the animal kingdom, and therefore natural. Some animals have same sex relationships despite the availability of partners of the opposite sex. You cant stop love and caring.

But We’re Not Animals

Nope, we are capable of love and intense feelings of loyalty and nurturing, This makes us uniquely capable of forming long term relationships with other humans with attachments to our young and elders. These attachments transcend sexuality.

Not MY mommy and Daddy!

Children know when they are being properly taken care of. They form judgements about home life, make comparisons to other children homes, good and bad. At some point in every childs life they realize mommy and daddy do something funny in the bed room.   ewwww.  What goes on in there has nothing to do with the kiddies.

But what will the neighbors say?

First fill the tub with lime jello, get some hot sauce, a spatula set, AAA batteries,  the Tammy Wynette  25th anniversary box set..and a (consenting) white chicken and…….wait! this is my business in the privacy of my home. It doesnt mean Im a good or bad parent or neighbor or employee. Anybody who has an interest in what I do on a Saturday night (who isnt invited) is sicker than I am.

God hates Homos!

If God cared we would have rules against being Gay. God Cares about what your intentions are. If your intention is to stick together for life, buy a home in the burbs, get a Labrador, raise some kids, take care of each other no matter what, I think that makes God pretty happy. I cant see this destroys civilization, seems pretty civilized to me.

Marriage is hard.

Some people want to do it despite the challenges. Same sex marriages have built controls, Babys dont just “happen” Which is the way that most of us get here and many conventional marriages happen.

I thought our neighbors where a same sex relationship for a couple of months. I dont think so now, the beauty is, it doesn’t matter, I couldn’t tell the difference.


Im a Christian. Been one since I was 16.  It’s a good OS for me, Keeps my underlying systems running on a a steady and consistent message. “Be good to one another”. I try. Anyway, yesterday Rush Limbaugh stated on his radio show that Jesus would not tax the rich. Rush apparently doesnt own a bible, has never gone to church, nor has any understanding of even the most basic principles of Christianity. Most basic. Jesus very clearly stated, Give everything you have away, you can’t be rich and get to heaven, Google “widows mites” if you need to, but Im pretty sure YOU have heard the message somehow, sometime in your life. In fact, Im not sure there is ANY religion that states get rich and bask in your riches. You can let me know, I welcome interaction in my week old blog. I started in broadcasting about the time Rush Limbaugh was in 150 miles away getting his career going. I was not clever or talented enough to build an empire. I cant deny that. But there’s a lack of jobs in broadcasting thru corporate consolidation which directly affects me and many people I know. So here it is. The Gospel according to Rush. For God so loved some of the people that because they were somehow blessed, he gave unto them  more riches than they could spend, that they earned thru harder work than others and should keep unto them selves. paying neither large taxes nor departing of any of their riches to the great unblessed and unwashed rabble. The good part is that many of Rush’s own listeners, who maybe the churchy set, may take a better look at how their charitable giving is working out for 2011. I like heifer.org . It’s tax deductable. or maybe rethink getting basic health care paid for, for ALL Americans. Maybe. Thanks! It’s an incredibly awesome spring day here in Sanity Cruz, get out and baste in the sun light, we are truly blessed to live here. and if you are under or un employed be glad you are doing it here.