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A few notes about food in Sanity Cruz

I made a soft commitment to review some restaurants in Sanity Cruz so I guess I should follow through and give you some of my impressions of the places I’ve eaten lately, in town or near by.

Today we went to the Down Town Farmers Market, We had some Somosa’s (like your supposta) with cilantro chutney, awesome! and grabbed a chicken from the roli chicken wagon with a large carton of rosemary potatoes. They grill them taters under the free range chicken rotisserie. ummm! mmm! I give the Santa Cruz down Farmer market a big thumbs up! $3-$13  fresh fruit, organic veggies, flowers, sunshine, live music

On July 3rd I took a trip up the coast cut across at San Gregario and grabbed a BBQ chicken sandwich at Alices Restarant in La Honda. The Service was terrible, the sandwich was cheap which the served with a bag of potato chips (WTF!) and cold BBQ sauce. Even the supposed atmosphere of a theme restaurant wasn’t there.  at $8 per person, I say give it a pass. A wide pass.

My freind  Rose took me to the Paradise Beach Grill on the Esplanade in Capitola for my Birthday last week. I had a vegetable panini with mushrooms, egg plant, peppers and aioli mayo.  It was AWESOME. Ive been dreaming about that sandwich ever since. The waitress was great, Rose treated me for my birthday with some kinda gooey caramel dessert. $15 per person per item, for lunch, more for dinner, well worth it.    

Because of my superb weaseling skills I was able to get another birthday lunch with my friend Aileen Aileen the traffic Queen for KPIG Radio. She took me to the Red Apple on North Main street in Watsonville. I had an excllant veggie benedict with spinach. Around $8. Really good!

Jacks Hamburgers on Lincoln street Down town Santa Cruz. I dont eat cows. But Steve was hungry for a burger the other day so we checked it out. He said it was a solid juicy decent burger with good fries.  It’s hamburger stand  that doesnt pretend to be anything but a hamburger stand. $6 gets you a burger and fries. I watched him eat it, I wasnt hungry but they might have something I want next time.

I hate to do it, but I just cant do Betty Burger anymore. The chicken burger is kinda dry and when I tried the down town store I had an under whelming experience with a poor boy sandwich and the service.  We suspect they are putting a bit too much flame on the everything, sorta over cooked and dryed out. Three locations down town, 41st ave and 505 Seabright. At $12 per person you could do better. sigh 

A couple of places we like to go around town. Charlie Hong Kong on Soquel near Seabright for their big Vegetable Stir fry bowls, Around $7 The Crepe Place across the street on Soquel $10 for brunch and for fun and El Palomar on Pacific ave down town for everything from their taco bar to fine dining. $3 for snapper, scallops, chicken or shrimp tacos at the taco bar, a full menu in the dining room. They do mexican snapper right here and at Cilantros on N main in Watsonville. I’d be prepared to spend $15-$20 per person, they pour some nice booze in the bar. When I ate beef I used to crave their Carne asada.  Sevarinos at the Seacliff Inn is a good bet for dinner for a great evening. The food is decent, the place is usually lively and often they have live music $12=$20  Speaking of bars, Steve and I like to go to Sir Froggies on Soquel ave in Soquel for a drink every once in a while. It’s a dive bar, a good dive bar. Guang Zhou chinese restaurant on Portola (near the 7-11) is a reliable chinese place that is unpretentious with good quality food. $10    

I wanted to tell you about a place I went to in San Jose because I was really impressed. While Cody was in Rehab at Santa Clara Medical Center he wanted some Vietnamese Food. Nearby at  905 Bascom is one of four locations for Cam Tam Thanh 3. Funky orange building but nice decor inside. I order chicken pho (pronounced fuh) $7.25 and pork spring rolls $5 and a tofu chow fun $7.50. Cody plowed thru the spring rolls in minutes, my chow fun was wonderful with fresh veggies and great sauce, was two meals, I ate the leftovers the next day.  The Pho would have been enough for two or three people. Every thing came separate, was incredibly high quality and fresh. Worth a trip over the hill. They have a variety of boba teas I havent had, taro? Im game!   

I’ll let you know when I get out again!