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The Struggle will over whelm you

I have decided to open an on-line store, They said  it was easy and quick. I’ve started the website, I’ve built the social media and created an eBay store for the business. I’ve spent hours looking for the right products and developing an image. Three weeks later, I’m still building it. The truth is, Zappos didn’t do it the DIY way. To build a business takes tons of time and energy. I’ve decided to take my time and think bigger. If my head doesn’t pop off first.

omg_itz_mah_dreem_job-workplace-emporiumLooking for work super blows

I have a friend over sixty has decided to look for a new job. It was a shock to her to find out that you can’t contact the hiring person, that looking for work means wading thru piles of BS set up to narrow the field. Companies waste your time on purpose, it’s very annoying. Based on what I am seeing, she will not willing to invest the amount of work it will take to get a new job. Maybe she will stumble into an awesome gig. Who can say?

My mentor told me to do this

Your mentor is successful at selling themselves at being a mentor. and are probably teaching you to be one too. For me, the responses that come from “mentors” indict a misunderstanding of technology. ALWAYS. You mentor is 100% better at selling themselves than I am However, I’m better at technology. When a client starts to argue with me and going some with some else s advice, the hand writing is on the wall.

I recently listened to a web seminar where a woman wanted to know how to present her business better after being told her product wouldn’t work by a potential client. The host told her the same thing, it’s a bad business idea; she began to argue with him too. Instead of taking the advice of multiple people she instead wanted to throw more money at it. It made me kind of sick to hear her say she only had another month to start making money. She obviously had the energy to invest, but was sending it the wrong way. By the way, he handled it exactly the way I would have. Made his point and moved on.

Stay alert, things are changing daily

The freelance world it is common to continuously to searching for new clients. Because your clients quit. I recently talked to a friend who worked in a big agency who told me that the same thing happens in the graphic arts world. Client’s ignore the advice of professionals and eventually fail, or don’t grow. Without growing the struggle will eventually over run you.

Age, race, gender has nothing to do with it…..well mostly…..maybe sorta

No matter what the situation you needs the ability to keep up. I’m learning new stuff every day, how to use software, how to make things look designed and modern. What is new and critical, what is old and un necessary and will “out” me as not being “with it”. and then,  I’m harshly reminded about out what I am not. Often times, I don’t fit the project anyway.money It’s YOUR story, no one else’s.

Selling myself? how gauche!

Recently I lost a client to another company. This is unusual and shook me up because most of the time cost is the issue that ends the contract. After time spent with myself, I knew I had been out sold. They told my client they were better and were convincing. oops. I probably should have “sold” the client more often. Telling people you are better goes against a lifetime of being told to NOT be aggressive, which of course leads to people taking credit for your ideas. The struggle is to throw ourselves out there every dog-gone day and grow up, brag a little, be an adult.  Good luck!  I’m around to talk.

Brooke Bradford is a veteran radio producer who lives in Santa Cruz California. She is a freelance voice over announcer, a broadcast consultant and audio and video producer. She has produced hundreds of podcasts and edits audio for Audvisor.com

Help! Save me! Freelance Me!

Why freelance?

There are benefits to being your own boss. Tax breaks, two hour naps, the boss doesnt mind if you have a beer. and I get to create some awesome stuff.

Curled up in the fetal position under the mixing console, crying. 

monty burns


For me, doing production for a company in a gallery slave environment has little long term benefit. In other words, I dont feel the quality of the material I was whipped into creating enhanced my reel, my resume or the world. Cramming 250 words of generic copy into a 60 second radio commercial may not be the best advertising dollar spent. With Radio stations only being willing to part with a small hourly wage, reluctant to hire full time with benefits, local radio ad production has suffered. Im not saying I wont look for and accept a great job, is there a radio station that wants to do great in-house production with salary and benefits?  Maybe. or not radio.


In addition to the aforementioned crying (a DJ in the production room) there was also the sound of CD’s hitting the wall from the program directors office accompanied by loud guttural obscenities, the time one DJ threw another thru the production room window. holes punched in the walls covered with posters, mouse droppings on the equipment, I never quite made it to the floor with my own wretched despair but there where times…

john wayne

yes sir!

The bad part about freelancing

Scrambling for work, having clients who move slow or never respond again,  (there are many many reasons for this). Large possibility of poverty. No benefits (but its a tax break!) People who are indignant you want to charge for your services, or want to pay less than minimum wage. People who say “it’s a quick and easy job”. Considering I have to listen to every piece of audio I have to edit, the length of the project is determined by the length of your audio. It can only be quick if the audio is very short. To do it right, I really have to spend about 4 times the length of the sound file. That’s expensive, so I try to make it as attractive as possible, but I have limits. Then there are the people who want you to “intern” to build your portfolio. I think it’s built, but thanks anyway.

On line Freelancing Services

Mostly suck.

Most of these services are going for the gallery slave approach while nickeling and dimeing their subscribers. I have decided I only want to focus on podcasting. If I wanted to build websites or aps these websites would serve me better. I absolutely will not compete for a small voice over job. I don’t bid on them anymore.  Occasionally somebody needs me to spiffy up their audio with a small voice gig, which I am capable of doing and can voice adequately.


One of the better ones. They offer a free basic membership, which is fair. You get 10 bids a month, then they take a sliding scale of what you earn. I would be most willing to pay a sliding scale to any web site that gets me work. It’s is really the most fair. for $25 a month you get 100 (I think) chances to bid, chances to leave feed back and references.  But then they still take a percent of your earnings.  I paid for it for a couple of months but have discontinued for now.  I was getting work the clients were not following up on (which is everywhere) and not enough jobs I wanted to do. Im sure I’ll have to re-up when something juicy appears.


I’ve gotten quite a few jobs from them. It’s only $10 a month and they get the client to pay a  percentage which they add on to your bid, I dont have to do any math to figure out how much I want to charge.  The website is easy to use, communication is fairly easy.  The only problem is that occasionally people will list their jobs in the wrong category, since the service only allows me to bid in one category, it frustrates me when I see a job I am totally qualified to do and I cant bid on it. Elance invites me to spend more money…..

pull my tie until I lose consciousness



Avoid it!   Bad website configuration, many hoops to jump thru to sign up, many hoops to jump thru to bid on jobs, they want you to download time clock software to use their website (no figgin way) they dont guarantee you’ll get paid which the other websites do.  When you bid on a job you will get a message saying that the client may not see your bid because you have no history.  They brag they can get projects done for way under market rate, Im sure that the people working at Odesk want market rate. I did a quick feed set up last week and Odesk is sitting on my money claiming they need a W9 from me.  They have it, along with my business and personal checking accounts and paypal information, My business tax ID, more. how about blood type? a DNA scan?   Nothing is easy to do on this website. I’ll take jobs from Odesk only if it really worth the hassle.


money is the root of all evil

how about a small amount of of evil?

Craigslist is the yin and yang of the freelance world.  All that is good and right with the world and all that is wrong with people. I’d much rather do a $10 quick audio edit from here than hassle with a service. I do find real work on Craigslist. Donanza searches Craigslist and found a pod casting gig for me to try for. It was in the NYC CL I would never have seen it.  It with an agency so it will take a while to get the gig settled.

scriptlance, freelance, freelancer, freelanced, peopleperhour, sologig  ..Im competing with people in other countries on these websites who will work for pennies, I glance in occasionally. never had work from them. nibbles, but no work. I let Donanza, pick thru all this and send me links to gigs.

ifreelance went crazy and sent me two pages of emails the other day.

Voices.com Voice123.com Voplanet ..there are more. These services that focus on the voice over world. Honestly, the world is full of bright young perky women who want to do voice overs. These services all offer to get you auditions for good gigs for $200 $400 a year, Upfront. hmmm….that’s alot of money to gamble with.

Production notices sends me email about crew gigs.  If I was younger and had more free time I’d apply for these one or two day jobs. I’ve never tried for one, it might be fun to grip for the food network. I imagine the competition is pretty fierce, you’ll never know until you try.

Social media? a blog? actually leaving the house? business cards? selling wine in costco?

all good!

Thanks, Brooke