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Let’s go play in the Hurricane!

Kittens in cups

Make sure kitty is safe in a disaster

Blow me Down!

Santa Cruz is a place known for it’s seismological activity. We also get a good deal of yearly wind action.  I have experienced a few storms in Nevada where there were gusts up to 100mph. Tell me there will be sustained winds over 45 and I’m hunkered down inside. I’ve never faced significant danger from water, so I need to make myself more aware. Most of us here take earthquake seriously, our preparedness may suffer for time, energy, storage issues, etc.

 What The Donner Party didn’t understand

This group of farmers from Illinois tried to cross the Sierra Nevada mountains in the winter of 1846-47. They had some cultural bias that made them think that this was advisable. They had experienced brutally cold and snowy winters in the mid west and then ran late in their journey. The story that came out of the mountains still thrills people with it’s accounts of cannibalism and desperate and bad human behavior. One good thing with this media sensationalism, is that it probably kept many people from the same fate because they now understood the danger, precautions where made. We learned from Katrina. The human damage and death from Hurricane Irene was reduced.

But what if the really big one hits?

If you choose to go jogging in central park in the middle of a hurricane or at any time for that matter don’t blame the president of the United states or Mayor Bloomberg if something bad happen, you’ve been warned.

a pictureof the ebach at the boardwalk

Most of the time its awesome here!

Me ‘n Vinny was out in da rain! It’s no big thing.

CNN and MTV makes people from New Jersey look really stupid. In the next few weeks we will get to hear some interesting complaints.

1.We weren’t insured for flood and certainty weren’t insured for Earthquake.

2. The Mayor over reacted and people wont listen next time, (like they all listened this time?)

3. The mayor and the president didn’t do enough.

We did learn in the last week that texting is the way to go (when available) in an emergency.  A phone call is too much for non emergency communication.

Here is information from Santa Cruz county and some useful links.


The Ham radio are pretty much on it with emergency preparedness in Santa Cruz with their community participation:


The Santa Cruz chapter of  the Red Cross has information on communication after a disaster


I’d subscribed to the police departments alert system. I’ve gotten a  few missing old lady alerts and one tsunami alert from them.


TV stations and others are coming on board with alerts and aps. Look around. I get a text every time there’s an earthquake over 6 any where in the world from the USGS

We are due for a good shaking here in Sanity Cruz. Hopefully. CNN doesn’t focus on surfers hitting the waves of a massive killer tsunami.  Some might actually wanna go out that way, but after seeing the coverage from Japan, it doesn’t look like it would be fun.  ~Brooke

If you live outside our area and want information on how you can be prepared, check with your office of emergency services and ask questions on what you need to do in advance. Ham radio and the Red Cross are great ways to contribute your local energy as well. ~ thanks