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Food equals Art,

I cant wait for summer weather

Art equals culture, culture creates creativity and creativity makes science. Available food gave humans the leisure time to create arts and crafts, build better homes and protection from the elements, experiment with agriculture, fermentation, spirituality and entertainment. When humans learn more their IQ scores go up. People become dumber just as quickly without the stimulation of creativity. Food in America is abundant, and unfortunately, the cheapest food is the lowest quality and the highest in calories. You may have heard the statistics on children of illegal immigrants and the cost of educating them in the United States. Regardless of what children look like, or language they speak at home, early exposure to mind stimulating ideas like art and music create neural pathways to math and science. Sports creates community and diversion which helps to distract from gang activities. America was made great by educating our immigrants and providing it for free. If you think that pressing two for Spanish hurts America then you should be advocating for programs to build character in children of American immigrants and Americans in general. If you don’t think its’ possible, maybe you should go visit an art gallery.