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Big weekend Santa Cruz

Glowing cat eyes


Thats just Nuts! Tasting oil, olives and tea, seeing the Art

It was first Friday again last night, got out of the house on a awesome night in Sanity Cruz. I slanged some wine in Sand city until four, came home and grabbed Steve and hauled him down town, so we were a little late. We hit up the museum, and met up with Rick Duncan

Rick Duncan

That boy aint normal! Duncansong.com

and his friend Nina. Rick had bought a new Uke and is working on bohemian rhapsody. We wandered up stairs on Nina’s recommendation to see the Wood working show. This is awesome!   I was staring mindlessly at some cabinets hanging on the wall,  thinking, I remember seeing this piece at Cabrillo… I look down, its says Patrick Stafford, who is standing right behind me. http://www.cabrillo.edu/~pstafford/PatrickMay312007.html

Duh! the room was full of people, it was warm, I told Patrick good thing he was wearing a kilt, and was he going “commando’? He thought it would be cooler if he was. Rick and Nina took off to Lincoln street to The True Olive Connection and we caught up with them there. What a blast! We agreed the pomegranate balsamic would make a wonderful salad. Then we dropped in on the Nut Kreations next door. Beautiful presentation, make your own trail mix.  We caught up with Rick at happy high herbs on Cathcart. Cindy gave us samples of Damiana tea, Rick blasted the customers with uke tunes while I chatted with some new friends. If you are looking for alternatives to drugs both legal and ill-legal check this place out. It’s decorated in yellow and purple, full of info, thoughts, advice and products. They don’t sell cannabis. We had run out of time so we had to leave. I didnt get to try any wine, but thats Ok, sometimes wine puts a different slant on things, and I’ve tasted most of what was down there last night.  Santa Cruz Mountian wines are wonderful, grab the pinot noir when you see it. If you are into the wine scene and you’d like to blog about it I would welcome contributions! Ok, it’s Saturday morning There’s a new Green tea and honey show for today, it’s about blue berries…as Dr. Shunney says…yummy!  Also, there a funny story about the bachelorette TV show and a mis-sent text from JP Rosenbaum on this weeks talking ish podcast.  2000 downloads yesterday from this website!  Ok…I’m gonna have a snack, clean up and head back down town for the Cabrillo art and wine! See ya there?    ~Brooke


Easter weekend

Im heading out today to visit the ancestral home land, Carson City Nevada. Im wrapping up work, finishing up the talkin’ ish pod cast for Chris Heller. We’ve been producing Chris’s show for 6 weeks now and it was a time to scope out the future and talk about “the plan”. In Chris’ last broadcast he recorded after an evening at a party, while sipping on Makers Mark . Chris made the observation, in his relaxed condition and feelings of enthusiasm.  that if you didnt understand 90’s rap you are listening to the wrong pod cast. It’s a strong statement, but we live in such a compartmentalized, segmented world, that while we still have the same needs , we have different perspectives. My life experiences have molded me into who I am today. I believe. that the core of me, my basic reactions to situations. I was born with. I can try and smooth out the rough edges, thats gaining “maturity”. It’s our duty to step outside our selves and enjoy what others experience.  Unfortunetly, it’s human to judge first. Im sure that if you were to drop me into Chris’ world by my very appearance I wouldn’t fit in. Luckily, the very nature of my work and experiences I know what the Wu Tang clan is, beyond that Im a little lost. Bring Chris to Santa Cruz and drop him down town, issue him his ukulele and see what happens. Dr. Aimee Shunney on the Green Tea and honey radio show referred to our environment as the Santa Cruz “bubble”. Chris has shown me a glimpse into his world, that I enjoyed visiting.

But, really what I wanted to talk to you about is wine. Hold on, I’ll get to the connection. I may be a wine snob. It’s a word that isnt really complimentary. But, I know no other word. I am reading “liquid memory, why wine matters” by Jonathon Nossiter. In it he tries to say he is not a “wine snob”. But what is a snob? I have better wine knowledge that many folks, but like Goliath there is always somebody to bring you down when you get too big. Nossiter is also a film snob. He has the right to be one. I guess my point is that you should know know more about the old west or bottle caps the propagation of begonias than anybody else. or 90’s rap music and basket ball for that matter. My job, and you can do as you please, is to listen and to learn from the “snobs” with open ears and heart, put MY ego aside. It’s Easter weekend. I like to take this time to reflect on the story of Christ. No matter who you think this guy was , it’s pretty amazing to think of the Romans approach to their holdings in the middle east and how they dealt with revolutionaries. I take the gnostic approach to religion and Easter is an excellent time meditate on one mans death 2000 years ago and what it means to me, and while I am visiting my Father take a breather and enjoy the desert and maybe eat too much buffet!

wine wine wine