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Events calendar and the weekend

Wow! Summer!

I have made some commitments to my self to get out more often. It’s a shame to live in this beautiful place and sit at home on the computer. You can only grind away so long as a freelancer competing against the Serbians and the Bangladeshis before your brain explodes. $5 to edit 51 .mp3 files??!! wow. Anyway. I slung wine on Saturday for a few extra bucks and had Sunday free, I got the call early about the Wharf to Wharf race from Santa Cruz to Capitola. I live close to the ocean, I just walked down 38th to watch the race go by. Lotsa cool runners, bands, community. It’s only 6 miles, and I noticed lotsa dorky runners too, I’d fit right in! Im gonna rethink running. and yes, I do know you have to sign up 47 years in advance to get into the Wharf to Wharf. http://www.wharftowharf.com



I wasnt ready to go home so I headed downtown afterwards and heard some Spanish on a PA, I went over to check it out, maybe it was a rally against the man!Actually it was the Cactus festival, I should have known, I put it on the calendar.

Santa Cruz California Events Calendar

Nice little festival for a good cause! Great Mexican food and great people.


This is Tasty!


After a nap I made a herb and pasta salad with stuff from the garden and headed over to
Rupert’s house for a potluck. I’m down for potluck anytime and I keep hearing about Rupert’s legendary parties. He the guy who has been coordinating those events in Scotts Vally like the wizard of oz, the pajama party etc. He says he will coordinate more this winter. Watch the calendar! Right now he has parts of a giant naked pregnant woman and a mutant fetus smoking a doobie for burning man in  his back yard. I saw some old friends and made a bunch of new ones!

fireworks at Brunign man

burning man


That was MY weekend! Next weekend I have to go to the Cameron Hughes wine summit for the people who sling wine for him. It involves tasting huge piles of wine, and a trip to Napa. Duty calls!


What are you gonna do next weekend? Make sure it ends up on the calendar and look for the link Brad Kavas news and events website on this page. Brooke