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Occupy your space


What percent are you?

I was driving down highway one the other day and appreciating the lovely a place we live in. The sun was shining, an awesome 70 degrees, excellent landscaped freeways, relatively new, something to look at when you experience Santa Cruz seemingly incurable traffic problems. Now picture this: a huge billboard on the hill as you approach the fish-hook. How about one every 50 feet or so to inform you of buying choices in santa Cruz. As far as I know there is only one in Santa Cruz county, on 17 after the summit. One billboard. I like it that way. We also do not have a Walmart, and most of the restaurants advertised on TV. We do, however have 17 Starbucks.

headless ronald Mac and wendy

Need Costume Ideas?

Thou shalt not enter!

Feelings are mixed on the amount of control our county has over business, and there is still grumbling about the lack of hamburger stands and department stores in Scotts Valley. Conspiracy theories abound. Can you be green driving to Watsonville just to go to Target? I’ll be the first to smugly tell you I don’t shop at Wal-Mart, WE don’t have one in Santa Cruz. However, there was one time in Carson City when my sister-in-law took me,  it felt like some sort of treat or something, the forbidden store!  I can drive by the one in Marina, the bargain market is much more enticing,  Local government is protecting me from myself, I might lose it one day and have a double double from in and out burger, if we had one. Going all over in a whole ‘nother direction is communities that are gated to keep out the riff raff, which I have to think is me.

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featuring the songs wall street shuffle and rubber bullets!

Rules are good

Commerce is good. A Golden Corral restaurant on a Friday night might be good, I don’t know, I’ve never been to one. But if Golden Corral wanted to monopolize the food business, charge us big bucks for bad food and say out loud it doesn’t matter, commerce is king, I and dare I say, 99% of the people would have a problem with that. Could we say that Golden Corral exists only because people like it? I actually like banking a : insert name of:mega conglomerate ruthless, soulless, arrogant bank here.  I don’t want to move my banking and by staying with them I’m saying “less lube please!”  pictures of people occupying court hourse SC

Unless its MY rule

The anarchists say that in an ideal world people would just do the right thing. Ironically, you hear some Americans saying don’t stand in the way of business. If you really think that less rules are the thing for America and you trust business to do the right thing then open up the gates. Hopefully you wont mind a billboard for Denny’s in your front yard, in Spanish.