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Big Brother is watching

Buddy Christ


I went into a new coffee/lunch place in Los Gatos, and as usual, when I order they ask me if I want their stupid corporate preferred customer/discount/membership card. Now I don’t know about you but, I’m a DUDE that carries a little skimpy WALLET in my back pocket. If I accepted a plastic card for every business that tries to push one of those damn things on my, I’d have enough cards to play Solitaire, Tarot and Trivial Pursuit put together. Even you women don’t have a Hermione purse big enough for all that “one for each business” crap.

So I tell the guy, no, and please stop asking me this every single damn time I order a cup of coffee. He says “I have to. the company sends corporate spy customers in here to check to make sure I ask EVERYONE. But I guess I won’t have to ask you if you’d like to take our customer satisfaction survey that I also have to ask about.”

I told him this “corporation big brother enforcement/GPS/videocamera nonsense cramming crap down everyone’s throat has gone too far. I get hours of  this nonsense at my job. My insurance agent told me they spy on him and his conversations to make sure he’s hustling surveys and hard sell nonsense at his clients. My best friend tells me the Post Office forces their people to “remind” customers about stamps and envelopes. Safeway employees have all these rules about what to say to customers, and under what conditions to say them.

Whatever happened to the concept of hiring good people, and letting them do their JOB? The lower echelon grunts do all the moneymaking work anyhow, all management has to do is justify their existence and salaries, so they come up with ever-elaborate programs and policies to track every little stupid thing the grunts do!

So anyway, I ask this poor cashier selling me a coffee for the phone number of their corporate office so I can call and tell them how stupid it is to harass people about the damn membership cards and surveys. I said if they just get rid of all that crap and the manager in charge of it, they could lower prices and thus insure customer loyalty with that.
Every employee behind the counter within earshot gave me a big “Thank you brother ” smile, but not too blatantly, because they probably didn’t want the videocamera to catch it.
Welcome to the new America. Do what you’re told, not what’s best, and be glad you have a job.