How important is SEO?

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Back in the good old days if you had a business you’d promote it with radio and TV, newspapers, flyers, post cards and by joining the local chamber of commerce. There was an old saying, people refuse to advertise their business, but are willing to advertise it for sale. In some ways, not much has changed. s-l225

If you have a business every one tells you must have a web site, and you’ll be wanting to figure out how to get more people to look at it, You’ll be tempted to think that the main thing to focus on is having people find you with random google searches.

How do people really use the internet?

Chances are, you don’t google much for business services, you ask your friends, your neighbor, your uncle Larry. You probably have used it to research things you already know you want and for information on events or places.

Ten years ago I decided I wanted a ford focus hatch back with a five speed. I had rented one and liked it. I googled it and found one locally and bought it sight unseen.

Five years ago when it was time to replace the focus I had to go out and drive some cars. I didn’t know I wanted a Toyota Matrix.  Google works OK when you know exactly what you want.  It works best for facts and figures and specific things.  Also google tries to second guess what I want to see, my google search won’t look anything like yours.

Let’s look a case study:

Joe and Mary do bathtub re-finishing in Connecticut. They’ve been in business for ten years and just got a website.

The web developer stated that the website would be search engine optimized and gave them a very attractive rate for a simple word press website.  When it launched, the website wasn’t showing up in google searches. I was asked to help and added meta tags and SEO enhancement plug-ins for word press and I got it to show up, but not first page google searches.

What can possiblygoogle_logo be wrong?

Google analytics says that the website has no visitors, but surprise! WebCrawler robots look at it regularly. These are the good guys you need to have looking at your website. Simply stated, google knows all about the website, but doesn’t take it seriously because it has no views.

Ok, so you need to promote your website in order for google to promote it.  Do that with all the social media you are comfortable with. Having links going in and out of your website help a lot and a blog or multimedia helps too. There is no fast track to this, you should do a good job on your multimedia with the least amount of expense.   You can also pay to get a higher google ranking.

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People may not  know they want what you are selling yet. I suspect Joe and Mary’s customers are not the general public anyway, it’s contractors.

Find out who your customers are, crawl inside their heads, add the key words to your website, change content when you can with some sort of social media and/or multimedia to reinforce your existence. Because, networking is still your best bet on getting customers, just make sure they can find your website and your website serves you.   ~bb