Some women criticize this phrase and it’s implications. Like its some kind of losing proposition, and they try to associate negative connotations to it. They say, “He doesn’t really love me, he just wants a friend with benefits” That Cad!
Let’s just analyze it.

Everyone wants them, Teenagers lives revolve around them. A big hit TV show was named this, You can’t have too many. A friend is someone you can count on. Randy Newman writes crappy songs about them.


You wouldn’t take a job without them. They do a person good. It’s the name of social functions to raise money for charitable purposes. It’s the name of a Jethro Tull album.


A win-win situation. So get off your “down on the phrase”, ladies, and just get down on it. It’s all upside! (At least if you’re on your back) I don’t want to hear any more negative crap! By the way, I’m having a party and all my friends are invited!

Note from Admin: This one party I wont be going to!

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